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What is involved in the study? What is a Phase III clinical trial? You or your insurance will be charged for standard of care costs, such as the radiation, della prostata a Krasnodar you will not be charged for the research components of this study that are not covered by third-party payers, such as your insurance or Medicare. You may experience certain side effects as della prostata a Krasnodar result of the experimental treatment.

These are usually not serious, and your doctor will carefully explain them to you. In earlier trials, involving approximately patients, ProstAtak has been very well tolerated. As with any course of treatment, experimental or otherwise, there also may be other side effects or risks that cannot be predicted. It's important to understand that you may spend time, undergo injections and biopsy della prostata a Krasnodar and incur side effects, all without aiding the treatment of della prostata a Krasnodar disease.

While there is reason to believe that the experimental protocol may be effective - ProstAtak would not have been granted Fast-Track status if preious studies had not demonstrated its potential effecacy - there is no guarantee.

Your participation may or may not enhance the effects of your radiation therapy. Della prostata a Krasnodar is sufficient scientific evidence to believe that ProstAtak may help reduce the risk of your cancer coming back several years down the road, but we do not know for sure. One thing is certain: Whether you directly benefit from the drug or not, by participating in this study you will be making an important and meaningful contribution towards conquering the disease.

Only you can decide. But if you think the potential benefits are worth the possible risks and inconvenience of taking part in this study, you are invited to join the teeam of men in the fight to defeat prostate cancer.

ProstAtak is a new della prostata a Krasnodar cancer treatment trial for localized prostate cancer using gene therapy. This new cancer treatment trial is now available at our facilities and we are one of only two medical centers in the Houston area that offer this treatment trial. Contact us today about participation in this new cancer treatment trial - If you have been diagnosed with early or intermediate stage prostate cancer, there is every reason to be optimistic. Thanks to early testing, most prostate cancers are now found before symptoms appear, and treatment by radiotherapy or surgery will, in the majority of cases, lead to a cure.

Sometimes, however, the cancer comes back, even years after the initial treatment. At that point it may have spread beyond the prostate; treatment includes medical castration with hormones and chemotherapy, and the risk of treatment failure is considerably higher than before.

Today, doctors have a better understanding of cancer than ever before, and medical research is exploring new ways to prevent recurrence. For prostate cancer, a new drug candidate called ProstAtak has proven to be especially promising in early trials.

The ProstAtak treatment works something like a vaccine. Based on an innovative technique known as gene transfer technology, it is used in conjunction with standard radiation therapy. The idea, basically, is to "jump-start" the body's own immune system so it can detect and destroy remaining della prostata a Krasnodar recurring cancer cells. ProstAtak is not the only cancer vaccine, but at present it is the only vaccine product in development for preventing recurrence in newly diagnosed, localized prostate cancers.

Like yours. While the typical drug approval process can take many years, even decades, ProstAtak is already in its final stage of evaluation. If the outcome of this study is positive, ProstAtak is likely to be approved - the first drug ever with early stage prostate cancer as its primary indication. We're ready della prostata a Krasnodar get going. Now the only obstacle to completing this potentially life-saving study is finding qualified patients to participate.

Because you have prostate cancer, you may qualify to take part in this research study. Your doctor will discuss the details of the experimental treatment, which is done in addition to and together with your standard radiation therapy. It is important to remember that if you participate, you will receive the same standard of care treatment as you would if you do not participate.

The only difference is the addition of the study drug being evaluated to prevent cancer recurrence. There's one other thing to remember. Everybody will receive the standard radiation therapy and two out of three men in this della prostata a Krasnodar will receive a ProstAtak; the other one-third will receive a placebo in addition to radiation therapy. Selection is random, and neither you, nor your doctor nor the sponsor of the study will know whether you are receiving ProstAtak or the placebo.

If you are able to participate, you will receive the same care as otherwise - plus, there is della prostata a Krasnodar two-to-one chance you will be receiving ProstAtak. Are there any extra costs? Are there any risks? What are the possible benefits?