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Inserisci una domanda. Aneros MGX stimola ed elettrizza tutti i punti chiave di un orgasmo non centrato unicamente sul pene. La sua parte terminale con rilievi assicura che non esca per errore durante l'uso. Disclaimer :Salve espresse indicazioni in senso contrario, Amazon non è il produttore degli articoli venduti sul sito.

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Vedi tutte le 2 recensioni cliente. Traduci recensioni in Italiano. The Aneros Maximus is an awesome device. It's size is perfect for me and I like that it stays in, a problem I have with the Progasm.

It hits my spot yet it doesn't rest on it like the Helix does. The Helix is nearly an autopilot device and the Maximus stimolatori della prostata Aneros a little more effort for me, but it provides an amazing massage.

Unfortunately I can't leave this one in for extended sessions because the P-tab is so uncomfortable. It's a really large flat disc that digs in hard against my perineum. The best way for me to describe it is to imagine a butter knife stimolatori della prostata Aneros into your perineum. I wish Aneros would use round balls on the tabs like the Progasm does. Otherwise the design is great. It's easy to clean and does not retain any odors. With the medical grade plastic you can use whichever lube you desire, including silicone.

Even with the huge and uncomfortable P-tab I still rate this one my number two favorite toy. Comparing the Maximus to the Stimolatori della prostata Aneros would be similar because they are both larger devices, but this one for me comes out ahead of the Progasm.

The Progasm has more comfortable tabs but the design stimolatori della prostata Aneros the Progasm harder to sit with and also the Progasm does not stay in as well as the Maximus does due to the Maximus having a more narrow base.

Also the Progasm doesn't make contact with my prostate as well as the Maximus does. List if Aneros products I own in order from favorite to least favorite.

Traduci recensione in Italiano. I've used this product for about 15 years and it is excellent. I've found it helpful with both erectile dysfunction without medication and with premature ejaculation.

The intensity of orgasms experienced with this product are extraordinary -- easily 5 or more times as intense as without it. The product was developed as a medical device, and was patented. It is made from a medical grade plastic; it is easily cleaned with antibacterial hand soap and warm water. It can be completely disinfected stimolatori della prostata Aneros by spraying with alcohol or swabbing with a alcohol pad.

The product is easy to insert and comfortable to use -- even for long periods of time. Just be sure to use a generous amount of water based lubricant. The base of the device is quite narrow, which contributes substantially to its comfirt and effectiveness.

The product works by gently massaging the prostate from the inside and the stimolatori della prostata Aneros, using your own contractions of muscles.

These are the same muscles used by Kegel exercises and the same ones used to eject the last amounts of urine. Now that the patent has expired, there are other similar devices available at a lower cost; however, the shape and design is not precisely the same, and I have not found them to be nearly as effective. The product is well worth trying for the benefits it offers. This is one of the most life-changing products I've ever purchased. Disclaimer--I bought this stimolatori della prostata Aneros my partner so this review isn't from the point of view of the user, as I haven't got a prostate and don't use this on myself.

I got this for him as a Christmas gift because we were curious about exploring prostate play. I've tried using it on him, but it seems more like a solo toy. He's tried it a couple times by himself and thought it stimolatori della prostata Aneros good, but didn't seem to feel anything earth shattering. The way the base of the toy is constructed makes it stimolatori della prostata Aneros bit unwieldy to use on another person, but I could see how it wouldn't pose the same issues during solo play.

He didn't seem to get much stimulation out of the perineal stimulator, though. All in all, we've had more fun just using regular butt plugs.